Property Management


We keep up with the competitive rates in all areas that we manage.  We are happy to provide you with  updates of any and all activity on your property during the vacancy period.

Lease Qualification

Our resident qualification process includes:

  • Credit check
  • Criminal check
  • Current / Previous Rental References
  • Employment and Income Verifications

Prospective residents must make 3x the monthly rent on the property in order to qualify. All residents must place a security deposit with us prior to move in. If an applicant is new to the rental or employment market, has credit issues, or does not meet the income qualification,a double security deposit may be required.

Lease Contract

All leases are for a 12 month period and convert to month to month after the original lease period.

Collecting Rental Income

Rent is due on the 1st, Late Fees are charged after midnight on the 5th.

Maintenance Service

To better serve our owners and residents, we provide quality and quick service at an affordable cost. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We use independent contractors who give us reduced rates due to increased volume to handle major plumbing, electrical, HVAC, painting, carpet and general repair needs. All of these services give us opportunities to evaluate your property at multiple times during the year to stay on top of repairs that are needed.

Financial Reports

We use some of the most widely accepted software in the industry. An owner statement listing rental income and expenses will be processed and distributed via email or mailed around the 30th of each month.  Included with your statement will be copies of all paid invoices and charges to your account so you always know the status of your property. Each statement will provide you with your monthly status and year to date status of income and expenses. For convenience, we offer direct deposits of rental income and credit payments of expenses.

Management Fees

Please contact our office at 252-237-6108 to discuss any property management questions you may have.


Property Management Contract

Property Management Contract Addendums